Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What do I need to get started?

First, you will need to purchase a starter kit. Maritime Vapor’s starter kits come with everything you will need to begin in terms of parts. After you figure out which model starter kit you wish to purchase, you will need eLiquid to fill your clearomizer. We suggest purchasing 2-3 bottles of eLiquid in various flavors and strengths in order to find the one most suitable to your preference. Please come into the store to speak with a sales representative or contact us for all options available.

What is In E-liquid?

E-liquid consists of VG and PG, otherwise known as Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Both of these chemicals are commonly found in normally consumed products such as artificial sweeteners and albuterol inhalers.  Nicotine is also an ingredient in E-liquid.  Nicotine can range from 18mg to 0mg.

PG – Greater “throat hit” similar to tobacco cigarettes

VG – More Vapor production

Most of our E-liquids have a mix of both to provide the best of both worlds.  We will also be offering a VG only eliquid for anyone that has allergies to Propylene Glycol.

What nicotine level of E-Liquid should I buy?

Most brands of E-liquid come in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg strengths of nicotine.   This is calculated as the amount of nicotine in milligrams, for each millilitre of E-Liquid, expressed as mg/ml.

Selection Guide:

0mg – This level of E-Liquid contains no nicotine. (No throat hit)

6mg – If you are a casual smoker or smoke less then 1/2 a pack a day on a regular basis. (Light throat hit)

12mg – If you currently smoke between 1/2 a pack to a full pack a day on a reguluar basis. (Medium throat hit)

18mg – If you currently smoke over a pack a day on a regular basis. (Bold throat hit)

Where can I Vape?

Vaping can legally be done anywhere smoking cigarettes can be done, with the addition of some indoor establishments. However be weary that any establishment may choose to be a “Vape-Free” zone. Here at Maritime Vapor, we encourage everybody to respect each establishment’s rules as it promotes more positive sentiment towards the vaping community.

What is an Atomizer/Coil?

Pressing the button of the battery will send power to the heating element (atomizer) which then vaporizes the e-liquid in the tank for inhalation. The e-liquid has a very low boiling point, thus it is able to vaporize almost immediately after the button is activated.

What is Mah?

milli-ampere-hours: It’s a measurement of the amount of energy the battery can store. The higher this number is, the more energy it can store. More energy means longer use-time in between charges. This has nothing to do with output voltage. Higher mAh also means it will take longer to charge and it usually also means that the battery will be larger.

What is resistance/ohm?

Resistance is a term that describes the forces that oppose the flow of electron current in a conductor. Resistance is measured in units called ohms. The scientific definition of one ohm is the amount of electrical resistance that exists in an electrical circuit when one amp of current is flowing with one volt being applied to the circuit.

Great but what does this have to do with an Ecig? With some of our atomizers/coils, we offer different resistance/ohm options. Basic explanation: The lower the ohm, the quicker the atomizer heats up. This translates to more vapor and possibly shorter lifespan and increased chance of experiencing an unpleasant burnt taste.

Generally speaking, low resistance atomizers (1.5-1.8ohm) are intended to give the user an experience similar to a higher voltage setup (4.3V-6V) using standard voltage output batteries (3.2V-4.2V). Resistance is not as important when using a variable voltage device because the user is able to increase or decrease output voltage accordingly. However, this is not always the case. With dual coil cartomizers, we recommend 1.5 ohm – 2 ohm for 3.2V-5V devices and 6V for anything above 2 ohm.

Can You Use Other Substances With E-Cigs?

Electronic cigarettes can only take e-juice.  Any other substance can not be used in an E-Cig.

Is There Any Maintenance Required With Vaping?

Personal vaping/e-cig devices are low maintenance and only require the refilling of juice into the tank, the replacement of the heating coil (atomizer), and the charging of the battery. Cleaning of the e-liquid tank is not required, but is recommended if you want the purest taste of every flavor anytime they are switched.

How should I store my E-liquid?

eLiquid should be stored in a cool, dark area away from direct sunlight. eLiquid, cartridges, atomizers, and e-cig’s in general may contain nicotine and should be kept out of reach from children and pets.

How long does a bottle of E-liquid last?

This will depend on how frequently you use it. On average a 10ml bottle will last 4-7 days and 30ml bottle will last 12-21 days.

What is the average lifespace of an ecig battery or atomizer?

Ego Series Batteries (e.g. EVOD): 3-6 months
Larger MOD/APV batteries: 3-6 months

Atomizers – 2-4 weeks


Why does the vapor taste burnt?

Atomizers have a built in wire-coil, similar to one found in a light bulb. This wire-coil heats up to vaporize eLiquid. The unpleasant burnt taste is always a sign that there is a lack of eLiquid in the wire-coil. This can be true even if your tank is full of eLiquid.

Solution: If you are able to locate the wire coil (usually right under the mouthpiece), add 1-2 drops of eLiquid directly onto the wire-coil and let it soak for 15-30 seconds. This should resolve the issue. If the burnt taste comes back, repeat the steps mentioned above. For most atomizers, it is necessary to repeat this several times until the atomizer is properly “broken-in”.

Tank atomizers with rope wicks: When you first fill the tank, let it sit for 5-10 minutes before using it. Wait until the rope wick turns from white to a clear, translucent color. The rope wick needs time to soak and draw liquid onto the wire-coil. This is known as “priming” and will help avoid any burnt tasting vapor.

If the above does not resolve the issue, your atomizer/coil could be bad and will need replacing.  Maritime Vapor has replacements for sale if you require.

Why do batteries take so long to charge?

Ego and MOD batteries are high capacity and they do take several hours to fully charge. The higher the mAh rating the longer it will take to charge the battery.

Ego batteries:
It could be a defective USB Charger or Wall to USB Adapter. Try using the USB charger on a computer USB port or a wall to usb adapter from a cell phone if available. If it charges quicker then, we can rule out the USB charger.

How do I fill my Clearomizer and Replace Atomizer/Coil

Here is a great video for the EVOD type device on how to fill the clearomizer and replace the coil:


Other clearomizers /tank use a similar process.  We are Maritime Vapor will provide a demonstration and instructions on how to perform these tasks with any clearomizer purchase.

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